World Pediatric Stroke Awareness Week (WPSAW) - May 3rd - May 9th, 2014
Brendon's Smile, in collaboration with the International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke, and other organizations interested in promoting the awareness of Strokes in Children - the unborn, newborns, and older children, are declaring May 3rd through May 9th, 2014 as World Pediatric Stroke Awareness Week. 

Annually May has been designated as National Stroke Awareness Month in the US. However, often times so little awareness is promoted among stroke in children. I, Jessica Spear (mom to Brendon, President/Co-founder of Brendon's Smile, and Treasurer/Co-creator of the International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke) work tirelessly on a daily basis to raise awareness and educate the general public and medical professionals about stroke in children. 

By designating a week this year we now have time to get our communities - schools, places of worship, first responders, hospitals, doctors offices, places of employment, law makers... - to have people commit to helping raise awareness and draw attention to a phenomena that happens quite commonly among newborns and is the 6th leading cause of death in older children (children 30 days to 18 years old). 

This year I need your HELP! Please join in this initiative to finally stand up and be a VOICE for children and families whose lives have been impacted by strokes! 

Throughout the month of April I will be sharing ideas and information on how you can take part in your communities around the world! 

Knowledge is Power!

Second Annual Brendon's Smile© Take Me Out To The Ball Game!  
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Brendon’s Smile… is a not for profit organization whose core purpose is to raise awareness for Childhood (Pediatric) Stroke, to inform readers of the signs/symptoms of stroke in infants and children, to educate medical professionals who treat children, to educate caregivers about advocating for child SURVIVORS of stroke, and to share resources which support those children who endure a stroke or strokes.

Our son Brendon was born a SURVIVOR and we are so blessed to have him in our lives!

Three days shy of Brendon turning 19 months of age he was diagnosed as having suffered a stroke while in utero (womb). As a result of the stroke he has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Right Hemiparesis, Muscular Scoliosis, and Speech Apraxia. He has had bracing for both of his legs and his right hand and wrist. Brendon has had to endure Botox injections into the ligaments of his right leg and arm.  He participates in Occupational, Physical and Speech therapies. Brendon has a gorgeous smile and spirit that you can see by looking into his eyes. Through all of his frustration he manages to keep on smiling. Ask anyone who knows him…he lights up a room. Brendon’s spirit keeps us going!

It is important for every parent to know that doctors may not recognize the signs/symptoms of stroke in children. Brendon should have been diagnosed much earlier than 19 months of age. As a new mother, Jessica was told she was overly “paranoid.” Due to lack of a diagnosis by several doctors and specialists Brendon was denied the treatment he so badly needed and so much deserved.

In the days and weeks to come, this website will be a host for information regarding the Childhood Stroke phenomenon, stories of other SURVIVORS from around the world, and provide resources for families and friends of Childhood Stroke SURVIVORS as we learn about them (we often try them ourselves first).

Brendon's Smile maintains a cooperative relationship with a number of medical professionals who are actively working in the field of Childhood Stroke including physicians and therapists. It is our intent to provide these medical professionals a venue to provide current information regarding Childhood Stroke.

Finally, we will share Brendon’s story in hopes that it serves as a vehicle to promote awareness, research, and a commitment to develop resources for our children, these Childhood Stroke SURVIVORS.

You are invited to share in Brendon’s journey with us.

You may contact us, Stephen and Jessica Spear (creators of Brendon’s Smile…) at: brendonssmile@yahoo.com.

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Brendon's Smile is a not for profit, 501(c)(3) organization. If you would like to donate to help our organization continue its efforts to Raise Awareness, please click on here:

We welcome your thoughts regarding our website and appreciate your feedback.  We want to know that we are helping other children and their caregivers who have been faced with the adversities of childhood stroke.

Thank you
Stephen and Jessica Spear